In applications such as manufacturing, vehicle-impact testing, flow visualization, and biomechanical analysis, high-speed cameras offer systems developers a means to capture, display, and analyze sequences of digital images in real time. In many automated manufacturing systems, for example, images from high-speed cameras needs to be processed on-the-fly to analyze product integrity at faster than broadcast frame rates. Results of this analysis can, then, be used to control production-line pass/fail quality-control systems.
The ideal solution is a smart camera, which combine high speed with enough resolution and smartness in order to perform all real-time analysis directly in-camera and provide only there result. Making such a smart camera meeting real time has been challenging, until now.

Our Solution: SilicamRIK

The SilicamRIK is a fully programmable smart camera development board, which provides simple vision capabilities to small-embedded systems in the form of an intelligent camera. It houses a 30×30 pixels image sensor capable of frame rates up to 120fps. The lens holder accepts any M12 lenses as used in small surveillance cameras and webcams.

The SilicamRIK as been developed as part fo the iMinds Little Sister project, for which it was the reason advances in vision algorithms were possible during the project.


Mono or stereo-vision embedded application need rethinking of the balance between resolution, processing performance and energy requirement in order to bring new ideas from laboratories into products. SilicamRIK is our proved answer to such need.  Despite its low resolution, several applications have already been shown on this hardware including background detection, face detection, vehicle classification, speed measurement and motion detection.


Several developers and research institution are using SilicamRIK. See some example here!