Hospital patients have a tendency to leave their beds when they should not. This applies particularly to geriatric patients, and post-operative patients still under the influence of anaesthetics. There is a high risk of severe injury and even death for such patients. Xetal has collaborated with several hospitals in Belgium to demonstrate how a kinsei powered solution is able to detect such event with very high reliability so as to reduce the risk of falls. From an hospital perspective, this gives a timely alert of an event without the possibility of a false alert, thereby reducing the intervention time. It helps personnel to better handle simultaneous accidents since the alert can be made specific.

Our solution:@bed

@bed is an effective tool to prevent dangerous situations possibly leading to a fall. It detects when a patient gets on or off the bed without the need for he or she to wear something like a bracelet. xetal@bed uses three xetal kinsei sensors mounted on a bed and can be connected to any nurse call system or used with an integrated GSM module. Its design enables fast and easy usage with professional reliability by anyone.

WHY xetal@bed?

xetal@bed has been developed in collaboration with two leading Belgian hospitals, where it has proved to be an effective tool to prevent falls, far superior to what previously available. Read more about xetal@bed.

xetal@bed IN ACTION

Join leading hospitals who have selected xetal@bed as their patient monitoring system. Contact us today for a live demonstration at your site.