Smart Remote Care programs use tele-health technology to facilitate clinically driven, remote monitoring, care, and education of patients and are an absolute necessity for providers and payers striving to implement an effective population health management strategy. However, to be effective a solution is required that allows detecting patterns, behaviors and events indicating an incipient accident, or the start of a chronic disease, or an emergency situation,

Such an advance in remote patient monitoring technology will represent an unprecedented opportunity to better manage the health of patients with chronic conditions. Even better, it will also reduce costs by better engaging and educating patients, promoting adherence to treatment and early intervention to keep local intervention and internalization in nursing homes at a minimum.


Kinsei is an innovative  indoor person monitoring system that does not require a person to carry or wear any sort of tracking device.  Anonymously and in full respect of personal privacy. A kinsei solution can be used to detect a very wide range of events and situations, in real time, day and night. This information can be used to improve everyday life for people suffering from limited mobility and in need of continuos monitoring.

WHY XETAL kinsei?

It is the only technology that can do accurate monitoring of what a person does, without the need to wear or carry things like bracelets, watches or the like. Furthermore, its flexibility allows to define a wide variety of situations to be detected depending on the actual person being monitored.


See how Xetal helps professional caretakers in Nursing Homes to improve quality of life of theirs guests by reducing the needs for fixating techniques as well as improve efficiency in responding to emergency situation.

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