Kinsei DemoKit v2: People monitoring made simple

The new Kinsei DemoKit v2 allows to test the Xetal technology with minimal installation effort. Simply place the provided device near a wall in the room, for example below a TV. Turn it on and connect with the supplier software to see all provided demos in action. The DemoKit also implements the standard API that any Kinsei Device uses. Therefore, it can be use for developing products and applications to be deployed with any final product based on Kinsei. Read more on the newly released kinsei brochure.

What is the demokit v2

The DemoKit looks (v2.1) or is actually made out of a commercially available TV SoundBar (v2.0), where up to 6 kinsei sensors are integrated together with a sensor controller. When available the device will retain its original sound functions, while also gaining the capability to detect and track people in the front area. The DemoKit is provided with demonstration software , which allow to explore demo applications such as people tracking, counting and sofa detection. We also provide support for the development of application accessing directly the kit data in form of interface specs and Kinsei API libraries. Refer to the Xetal github for information on all the publicly available software.


Number of sensors: 6
Kinsei Sensor version: 1.2 or 1.2b
Wireless: Dual-band IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Default monitored area: 4m x 4m
Max monitored area: 8m x 8m
Sensing angle: Up to 160 deg
Max detected persons: 5 (safe)
Min tracked persons: 1 (safe)
Max tracked persons: 4 (experimental)
Detection speed: down to 110ms

Available API: raw TCP, Erlang, Python3, Java Android (beta),

DemoKit Available versions

Model v2.0: It is composed of a (currently) LG TV Sound Bar with integrated kinsei sensors and Intel Edison processing core. To be discontinued due to Intel Edison being discontinued.

Model v2.1: Similar to the v2.0lc, this kit is will use a MT7688AN as processing unit with a Linux LEDE distribution . An essential kit for developments aiming at embedding the technology in low cost, custom and lower performance systems.


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