Night time monitoring for child care

Night time monitoring for child care

Night time monitoring for child care

We parents all fear the same. A sleepwalking child who wanders in the house and eventually injure him/herself. This is especially true with toddlers since installing a smaller locked door is no longer effective.

Different sensors for multiple events

There are a multitude of sensor and solutions in the market that can be used to detect when a child is sleeping, standing, moving in the room, leaving the room and so on. However, each product focuses on one specific area be it the bed, the room or the door. Furthermore, even when it is possible to combine such diversity of products together, they still are limited to the events they were made for. Therefore, it is hard to detect events that could be more specific to a given child and not foreseen by the products themselves.

Real time accurate localisation is enough

A solution is to focus not on detecting events, but child position and correlating it with the location of key room elements like the bed, the door and alike. When it could be possible to distinguish if the position is close to the bed, on the bed, at what distance from the door and so on, it would be possible to detect events like sleeping, sitting, walking, standing, exiting the room and alike.
Furthermore, by combining sequences of such events of positions, it would be possible to determine more complex event detection such as sleep walking, wandering, child going to the bathroom.
We at Xetal have developed such tracking technology and are applying it with partners to the detection of these types of events and patterns. The technology has already proved effective in field such as senior care and is showing already promising results for child care.

This is just an example of how the information provided by a Xetal system could be used to determine not only presence and number of people, but also their interaction level without invading their privacy.  Subscribe to the mailing list to know more.

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