DevKit 2.1: A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

DevKit 2.1: A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

DevKit 2.1: A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

We at Xetal are excited to announce the introduction of the Kinsei development kit v2.1. Easier to use, more flexible and lower cost.  With the new development kit we want to encourage anybody to experiment with our innovative technology for people monitoring, presence detection, people tracking, temperature mapping and all other features this kit allows.

Building on the 2.0 development kit, where sensors are integrated in a commercial product, the 2.1 version is a DIY kit using wood or acrylic (3Q2017) cases that can be mounted on standard profiles or used as is. The sensor cases contain three sensors each, just like for the 2.0 version, and are connected to the control unit by means of standard UTP cables with Rj45 connectors.

The control unit is where most changes have been made. It is based on a low-cost board that runs the LEDE OS (OpenWrt) to perform the very same functionality as the 2.0. Furthermore, it support all new and coming API features such as thermal mapping, statistical behavioral analysis and dynamic threshold tuning available as pre-releases starting from the firmware july2017.

The result is a kit with an end-user price of EUR 165 (wood version, excluding shipping and taxes) available for order now.

The development kit is provided with example and API software in python, Android and Erlang. All software is available on the Xetal github page at

The development kit is suitable for everybody: makers, individuals, researchers, developers and companies interested in the evaluation of our technology for a given research project. Be it commercial or personal.  We are always available to discuss with your ideas and possible commercialization strategies.

Want to know more? Contact us, we are always available to answer any question you might have.
Want to see the new kit? Come and meet at at the World Maker Fair in New York (US) or the Maker Fair in Eindhoven (NL)

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