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Meet us at the Maker Faire in New York

Meet us at the Maker Faire in New York

Xetal will be present at the world largest maker faire, the Makers Faire  in New York on 23rd-24th of September with a live demo of the new Development Kit 2.1 which offer most of the features any Kinsei system can provide in a compact format, simple API and a low price.

Get inspired to build something new with it. The demo kit can be ordered contacting us directly or from our online partner

If you are attending and interested in attending the Xetal live demo, drop us a message!

Xetal joins the SCOTT project consortium

Xetal joins the SCOTT project consortium

SCOTT, a pan-European, 40 million Euro research project led by VIRTUAL VEHICLE with 57 key partners from 12 countries (incl. Brazil) will provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to bridge the last mile to market implementation. SCOTT addresses numerous European societal challenges such as smart and integrated transport, secure and inclusive societies as well as health and wellbeing.

As member of the SCOTT project consortium Xetal will support the development of secure  and trusted real-time IoT systems.

More information can be found of the official SCOTT webpage.

DevKit 2.1: A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

DevKit 2.1: A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

A Kinsei monitoring kit for everyone

We at Xetal are excited to announce the introduction of the Kinsei development kit v2.1. Easier to use, more flexible and lower cost.  With the new development kit we want to encourage anybody to experiment with our innovative technology for people monitoring, presence detection, people tracking, temperature mapping and all other features this kit allows.

Building on the 2.0 development kit, where sensors are integrated in a commercial product, the 2.1 version is a DIY kit using wood or acrylic (3Q2017) cases that can be mounted on standard profiles or used as is. The sensor cases contain three sensors each, just like for the 2.0 version, and are connected to the control unit by means of standard UTP cables with Rj45 connectors.

The control unit is where most changes have been made. It is based on a low-cost board that runs the LEDE OS (OpenWrt) to perform the very same functionality as the 2.0. Furthermore, it support all new and coming API features such as thermal mapping, statistical behavioral analysis and dynamic threshold tuning available as pre-releases starting from the firmware july2017.

The result is a kit with an end-user price of EUR 165 (wood version, excluding shipping and taxes) available for order now.

The development kit is provided with example and API software in python, Android and Erlang. All software is available on the Xetal github page at

The development kit is suitable for everybody: makers, individuals, researchers, developers and companies interested in the evaluation of our technology for a given research project. Be it commercial or personal.  We are always available to discuss with your ideas and possible commercialization strategies.

Want to know more? Contact us, we are always available to answer any question you might have.
Want to see the new kit? Come and meet at at the World Maker Fair in New York (US) or the Maker Fair in Eindhoven (NL)

Kinsei DemoKit v2: People monitoring made simple

Kinsei DemoKit v2: People monitoring made simple

We are announcing a new line of demokits aiming at simplifying testing, evaluation and development of solutions with integrated people detection and tracking technology. It uses Xetal Kinsei sensor to provide a 160 degrees monitoring angle for multiple people detection and tracking. No cameras and wearables needed.

Read more on the kinsei brochure and contact us to order one!

Meet Xetal at MakersTown

Meet Xetal at MakersTown

Xetal will be present at the MakersTown in Brussels on 24th of May with a live demo of its Kinsei real-time detection and tracking technology. Organised by ThinkYoung and the Martens Centre, sponsored by Google and Intel, Makerstown is the first event of its kind in Brussels bringing together Makers, business leaders and European policy-makers to showcase, share and collaborate.

If you are attending and interested in attending the Xetal live demo, drop us a message!

Xetal to co-exhibit at the Hannover Messe with E&Y

Xetal to co-exhibit at the Hannover Messe with E&Y

Xetal is proud to announce to co-exhibit at the Hannover Messe ,the world’s biggest industrial fair, with Ernst & Young in Hall 3 as part of the Young Tech Enterprises showcase.

The “Young Tech Enterprises” showcase will be located in Hall 3 at HANNOVER MESSE. It will feature an exhibition area where technology startups, next-generation entrepreneurs, startup networks, accelerators and development agencies can get noticed. At the heart of the showcase will be a forum that will provide valuable information on young technology enterprises throughout all five days of the fair. The program will be rounded out with a solid lineup of pitching events, matchmaking forums and workshops. The unifying purpose of all elements of the “Young Tech Enterprises” showcase is to facilitate dialogue and exchange among young technology providers and established industry heavyweights.

Ernst & Young

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services. We are deeply convinced that entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are crucial to enable economic growth and prosperity of society. We support start-ups from the very beginning, offering help with all the strategic, legal and financial issues they are likely to face – whatever stage their business is at. It is essential for start-ups to gain access to professional and industry networks, connect with investors, and actively exchange with other companies. We create platforms that help them do so and cooperate on an equal footing with founders – turning advice into action to properly kickstart innovative business models.


Xetal is innovating the way building adapt to people needs. Xetal have developed kinsei: an innovative indoor people localisation technology that does not require a person wearing or carrying any type of device or phone. Kinsei relies on proprietary positioning sensors placed on walls, beds or door frames to detect and track of one or more people with an accuracy of about 30cm. When such an accurate position information is used together with knowledge about the room itself, it is possible to understand what is happening in the room, what people are doing and determine what is likely to happen next. kinsei does not use cameras, audio or any other identification technology making it the perfect technology for when respect for personal privacy is a must.

XetaL pitching for the win at the Innov8 Award @ #BR2016

XetaL pitching for the win at the Innov8 Award @ #BR2016

Here at XETAL we’re so excited to announce that we’re heading to Manchester this April 21-22 to pitch in the 100 start-up pitch battle competition and in for the chance to win the INNOV8 Award!


The Innov8 Award will bring together the newest and coolest start-ups in the tech market as we showcase our product innovation to a hand-picked panel of 20 technology gurus, investors and mentors including:

STEFAN GLAENZER Founding Partner, Passion Capital

JON BRADFORD Co-founder of F6S and

JON COKER Partner MMC Venture

SETH PIERREPONT Investor at Accel Partners

MARK MASTERSON Startup Programmes Lead of Europe at Google​

PAUL LANCASTER Tech North, Sage, Shell LiveWIRE

IAIN MCDONALD Fund Manager, WCG, Hut Group


GARETH JAMES CEO Intilery, x-CTO Moneysupermarket

View all judges here:

Business Rocks 83

Only the cream of the crop will head through to the semi-finals at the end of Thursday 21st April and the final four start-ups will be back on Friday 22nd April to one last pitch in-front of a new power panel of judges who will decide our fate!

Watch this space we’re gearing up to go into battle and be crowned the “Champions of Innov8 Award 2016”.


Meet and support us at Business Rocks 2016! IF you cannot be there, show your support for Xetal by shouting out about us on twitter using the #BR2016 & #Innov8 #tags and get us noticed pre-event!

Xetal Among the OpenAxel Winners at 4FYN

Xetal Among the OpenAxel Winners at 4FYN

Cb_NbcPW0AAQur1.jpg-large copy 93d4dfe2b8a258e34244666793c6a849d74566990667176be60b4401d4e83858

The 9 OpenAxel winners, among which Xetal, have been awarded with several prizes including tailored mentoring and coaching, credits with technological providers (up to almost $100,000 per team), a one-week bootcamp in Silicon Valley and visibility and promotion during 4 Years From Now -4YFN- at the Mobile World Congress and other leading entrepreneurial events in Europe.

The finalists have been presented at the 4YFN@MWC event celebrated in Barcelona from 22nd – 25th February, where OpenAxel has organized an exclusive event on February 24th, with the presence of numerous relevant stakeholders from the European ecosystem (including leading investors, corporate managers, other entrepreneurs, EC representatives or ecosystem specialists.

Marco Camilli, Xetal CTO, was present at the ceremony to collect the award and present the company in front of investors and press representatives.

Delta Medical to distribute @bed in UK, Ireland & Mexico

Delta Medical to distribute @bed in UK, Ireland & Mexico

Xetal nv and Delta Medical International (DMI) have agreed in a partnership that gives DMI the role of exclusive distributor for the UK, Ireland and Mexico for the @bed product line.  It is anticipated that DMI will also distribute the product in other regions in the near future, working with its established international partners.

The number of patients admitted to hospital or in nursing care with dementia or in a confused state is increasing. As life expectancy increases the percentage of elderly patients who are unsteady on their feet rises in proportion. In the UK the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have both identified this as a significant problem.  The RCP’s 2015 Audit Report noted that there were over 240,000 inpatient falls reported by NHS Trusts annually. The impact of NHS budget constraints on hospital staffing levels and workloads can often make constant supervision of all patients difficult. This inevitably leads to higher incidence of accidents as patients try to leave their beds unaided.

The cost to hospitals and care homes following patient falls, especially where fractures ensue, are considerable. The RCP reported that the cost to the NHS of inpatient falls in 2007 was over £15 million and is believed to be even greater now. The impact on the individual can be dramatic in both the short and longer term and avoiding falls in this population of vulnerable patients is essential for them, their family and the healthcare provider.

The Xetal product is able to detect when a patient is moving in a way that indicates they are preparing to get out of their bed.  Importantly, the system can also detect if a carer is present, avoiding the nuisance of false alarms.  This unique combination ensures that alerts are reliably provided in good time.

DMI Managing Director, Nick Bettles, said: “This product is a ground-breaking invention.  The cost to a healthcare provider if a single patient sustains a fracture due to a fall typically far outweighs the installation of the Xetal system hospital-wide for all at-risk patients.  There are further significant potential savings by reducing the costs of litigation and insurance costs.  With an ever-increasing number of vulnerable patients in hospitals and nursing or care homes we believe this system can deliver incredible benefits to healthcare providers. Hospitals could also consider this as part of a multifactorial intervention process as defined in NICE CG161.”

Xetal Managing Director, Francesco Pessolano, said: “We are excited to work with DMI. Their experience in the care sector will be a key success factor for Xetal in UK, Ireland and Mexico. We also believe DMI and its partners can help us bringing our @bed product to other regions and provide key feedback on future medical usages our technology.”